8th NHRR      




Sunday - Eliminations - Round 1


The first pair of the first round matched up Brad Thompson with fellow Californian, Brendan Murry.





Contrary to the huge crowd on Saturday, the stands were not so full on Sunday Next year the NHRR will be held Thu, Fri Sat for a shot at better eliminations attendance.






Both cars had good launches....












Early on Murry held his own and continued to give Thompson a race.



In spite of carding his best time of the weekend, Murry's 6.11 was no match for Thompson's 5.909 at a whopping 255.82 (top speed of the meet).





Next out was Rick Rogers and Denver Schutz.









Schutz left first leaving Rogers to play catch-up.








At half track Rogers got loose and had to pedal.



With Schutz heading for a sure win it was his engine that didn't do its job losing a rod at the 800' mark allowin Rogers to pass and card a 6.006 at 243.50.





Pair three matched Roger Lechtenberg and Ernest McClain.







Radar left first and never looked back.













Lechtenberg's 5.959 at 244.16 was more than good enough to move on.





The final pair of the opening staza pitted Howard Haight and Troy Green.









Haight left first and had the better early numbers.














This was all Haight who carded a nice 5.913 at 250.13. Green's 6.064 at 239.95 left him a few car lengths short.





Sunday - Round  2


With the relentless sun getting hotter by the minute, shade was at a premium and everyone was at the point of just wanting to get the race over. Towards that end, the first pair in round two was Lechtenberg vs Rogers to see who would go to the final.








Both drivers left together on their way to one of the closest TF races of the meet.















Radar maintained a short lead to score a 6.014 at 239.95 win over Rogers' game 6.097 at 235.80.





In the other round two pairing Thompson had to face the always tough Howard Haight. Thompson had lane choice.









At the green both cars left as one.














At the 330' mark both cars were virtually welded together.



Sacrificing some aluminum in the process, Thompson's 5.959 at 255.63 edged out Haight's game 6.028 at 240.81.





Top Fuel Final


In line for yet another final at Bowling Green. In the other lane would be Roger "Radar" Lechtenberg in Dale & Kat Surh's "Orange Crate". Roger is the only non-HSMS driver to win a NHRR (2003).

This is the way a race should end with the #1 and #2 qualifiers meeting for the title.








Lechtenberg was away first and had some strong early numbers.








The Next out was Brad Thompson.




With still a nose in the lead, the Orange Crate did the one thing nobody expected -- it smoked the tires and in spite of a nice pedal job, Radar could not come close to catching Thompson.




Thompson carded yet another five second run (5.921 at 250.23) to rack up the teams 6th NHRR championship. Lechtenberg stopped the clocks with a 6.306 at 237.00.





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In no particular order, here are some random shots from the weekend.


































































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