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Saturday - Qualifying Session Two



With no relief in the heat (but solid data from Friday) the second qualifying session found Randy Bridges paired with Joe Krupinsky in his first attempt.




Bridges may want to think about some lead on the front end as for the second run in a row he yanked the front wheels at the hit only this time he carried them well past the 60' mark giving him the event "Wheelie Award". Krupinsky was very weak on his leave.










Neither car came close to making the show.





Next out was Rick Rogers in Butch Blair's "Fugowie" and Lincoln Hassell.






Both cars had decent leaves....














Pair three featured Denver Schutz and for his first attempt, Ernest McClain in the Mill Road Boys entry.







Both cars had decent early numbers.



Schutz went on to record the first 5 second run of the weekend and for the moment, go #1 with a 5.962 at 229.00. McClain ran a 6.131 at 226.39 which would ultimately be good for the #7 spot.





East vs West when Howard Haight and Brendan Murry tried to make the show.









Haight had the better early numbers.










Haight went to #2 with a 5.995 at 242.15 while Murry's 6.443 left him out of the show with one shot left.





The final pair for the second session was Roger Lechtenberg and Dave Miller.









Neither car got the leave they were looking for.











From the 60' clocks on Radar steadily pulled ahead.


Lechtenberg carded a safe 6.089 at 234.53 while Miller remained on the outside with a 6.421 at 228.77.





Some cars chose to sit out this session so the final three cars all had singles due to the mandatory lane swap during qualifying. The first single was Troy Green.



The wet pipe cleaned up at the hit and Green had a decent 60' time.









A solid 5.986 at 249.39 would ultimately land Green in the #4 spot.





The Next out was Brad Thompson.




In spite of the high temps, the track was in excellent condition and Thompson's leave racked up good early numbers.








Right down Broadway Thompson went low for the event with a great (for the conditions) 5.897 at 254.38.





The final car in session two was Keith Burgan.





Burgan had possibly his best leave ever.






But for reasons he only knows the run was aborted and he coasted to a 6.753 at 177.32.





Saturday - Qualifying Session Three


The final session held before Cacklefest and in a little cooler air started with Brendan Murry and Keith Burgan.





When they staged neither car was in the show.







Murry had better numbers early while Burgan was way on the soft side.




In spite of clicking it early Murry still carded a 6.146 at just 200.14 this bumped out Dave Miller and put Brandon #8. Burgan could still not get from A to B and coasted thru with a 6.758 at 177.32 which was far from making the show.





The second pair of four were just trying to improve their positions for Sunday were Roger Lechtenberg and Rick Rogers.




Both cars left hard and stayed together to the stripe.







Lechtenberg's stout 5.924 at 223.99 putting him in the #2 spot. Rogers carded a 6.011 at 242.06 to land in the #6 hole.





The next pair pitted Lincoln Hassell and Joe Krupinski... neither car was in.





Early numbers pretty well spelled doom for both drivers.




Hassell's 6.940 at 179.30 was not close and Krupinski did not receive a time. Both would be spectating on Sunday.





The final pair of the final session was the #1 qualifier Brad Thompson and Dave Miller who needed to to better than a 6.146 to make the show.








Thompson's attempt to set the best time even lower was foiled by a fuel leak which forced a shut down.


Miller just didn't have it and coasted thru with a 12.33 and the field was set.






Final qualifying order:
1. Brad Thompson  5.897 @ 254.38
2. Roger Lechtenberg  5.924 @ 223.99
3. Denver Schutz  5.962 @ 229.00
4. Troy Green  5.986 @ 249.39
5. Howard Haight  5.995 @ 242.15
6. Rick Rogers  6.011 @ 242.06
7. Ernest McClain  6.131 @ 226.39
8. Brendan Murry  6.146 @ 200.14

Dave Miller  6.421
Keith Bergen  6.753
Lincoln Hassell  6.970
Joe Krupinski  7.767
Randy Bridges  10.701




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