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It is said that the only constant is change, and on that note, the 24-year date cap for WDIFL is moving from 1979 to 1989. The 80's were when drag racing officially went from doing it for love to doing it for money. Corporate sponsorships grew throughout the decade and ET's and speeds went quicker and faster respectively. This move is also a precursor to some huge changes coming to WDIFL in the next several months.

Your feedback is welcome on this huge change to WDIFL. Photo contributions are also elcome (yea, funny cars, too). Enjoy.



Jerry Ruth in his game changing Swindle car throwing the front tires at Seattle International Raceway in 1980. Along with several other incidents of the "air" tires this should have brought about a rule change. It took Shirley's accident in Montreal to do that. No more “bike-type” rubber.



Connie Kalitta and Shirley backing up from their final round burnouts during the 1982 NHRA Grandnationals in Montreal. Connie taking the win at 5.78-241.28 over Shirley’s 5.85-220.58. This was Kalitta’s 2nd career National Event win and the first since the 1967 NHRA Winternationals. Muldowney would get her revenge 2 months later in the final round of the US Nationals at Indy.



Gary Beck at Englishtown in 1980. The Larry Minor entry qualified #8 at 5.974-236.84. A broken fuel pump shaft ruined their day prior to a second-round meeting with Marvin Graham.



Frank Bradley during the 1980 AHRA Finals. Qualified #6 but lost to Ernie Hall 1st round.




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