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Sometime in the first half of 1989. Simpler times—Dart heads with no down nozzles, no diaper, funny car style headers, no cage around the top pulley. It was direct drive by then but the clutch and fuel management was rudimentary as it was controlled by Digibox timers and a bunch of nitrous solenoids.



Jeb Allen hiking the front end at Pomona during the 1982 NHRA Winternationals at Pomona. You can see Jeb is sporting the #1 loud and proud on the side of the car after his 1981 World Championship year. This is the 1st Top Fuel run on Thursday of the Winter’s. Jeb had laid down an 1/8-mile burnout prior to this launch. He had been in Australia, and they were doing burnout contests, so he brought the smoke over to the U.S. for one run



Jeb Allen on the engine, Dad Guy in the seat. Ugly cage, 1982. These are Jeb’s final days in drag racing. He was World Champ in 1981, then showed up at Pomona in February with a new needle nose car that did not perform well. Later in the year switched to a Casarez chassis and a Crower hat. Was runner-up at the Summernationals, but little results after that. Did not qualify for the 1982 World Finals at OCIR and called it quits.



Phil Hobbs had an ugly debut in the Barber & Engler car at Indy in 1984. This car used a ground effects tunnel instead of a traditional rear wing. This works wonderfully if the tunnel stays in contact with the track, but as many drag racers learned, as the rear tires grow the tunnel move away from the track and all downforce is lost. In this case it smoked the tires, the throttle stuck, turned right, climbed over the guardrail, then pointed towards the posts on the backside of the guardrail, all while the throttle was wide open. Phill suffered only a broken ankle



Frank Bradley wheels up at Pomona in 1980. Qualified #3 at 5.864-237.46 and beat Jr. Kaiser in the 1st round 5.922-227.27 to 6.100-226.70. Got beat by Richard Tharp in the 2nd 6.050-243.90 to 6.125-220.58



Bob Neal in the Birky Bunch car during the 1983 NHRA Winternationals.



Jim Barnard heating the tires in 1982. This is the Lee Beard tuned car that won the 1982 NHRA World Finals at OCIR.



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