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Like their land counterparts of the 1960s and 1970s, drag boats were a work in progress both in performance and safety. The difference was, in comparison, the dragsters were somewhat safe - the boats were arguably the most dangerous beasts on the planet. The mortality rate for drag boat drivers was a grim statistic. There was virtually no purses to be won. Most will tell you they were literally an end to dump large amounts of money into the water. If you think the land racers of the era did it for love - these guys REALLY did it for love!

This section of WDIFL is dedicated to the daredevils (the only name that fits) who drove these blown fuel frisbees -- the ones who survived the sport and especially those who didn't.

As time goes on more and more pages will be added. There is no limit to the number of photos we can display here! So check back often and tell your friends.


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In Memoriam  Small tribute to those who gave it all on the water.

Proud Mary Restoration - 1973 Blown Fuel Hydro - First "Cackleboat".

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