2011 March Meet


Pits 'n People


Grand Marshall Shirley Muldowney got her first look at her 1977 World Championship car that is being restored by Dave Mandella (right). Dave found the car in pretty good shape and the original builder, Ron Attebury, got it back to perfect.





To my utter shock, this candid shot was on the front page of The Bakersfield Californian sports section - Sunday edition.


Roger "Riceman" Lee and Pam Schavrien


Dave Mandella, Shirley Jake McCloud, Walt Stevens and Don Ewald


Clean up on Lane One - Roland does it all.


Wayne King, Greg Gonzales (son of Poncho), Poncho's son, Dan Broussard and Spider Razon


Long story short - at Pomona last year Mousie Marcellis had an encounter with a port-a-potty - 2 different versions.... his and everyone else's. So, the folks at Stith Classic Hot Rod T-Shirts made up 25 of these shirts to nail Mousie. These are the results.






Don Irvin who does one hell of a job heading up the Safety Safari.



Two generations of drag racers, dad, Gordy who was a TF & FC shoe in the 60s and son Dennis Swearingen who ran NHRA A/FD and is currently running a nostalgia funny car.


Frank Rupert and Richard Bays who were out with Jason Rupert and the Mert Littlefield tribute FC.


Jason Rupert and Lee Littlefield


TF shoe Roger "Radar" Lechtenberg and parts specialist Roger McMartin.


WDIFL.com photog, Bob Brown


Glen Cupit, Jay Carpenter and Don Prieto


Tim Beebe, ??? and Jim Murphy


Shirley spent Saturday getting writers cramp.




Photog Ron Capps


John "Tarzan" Austin with a limited edition "Classic Ace" T-shirt. It is a real shot of McCulloch teeing off on Gordon Mineo who obviously said something Ed didn't care for and trust me, you did not want to piss him off.



John Ewald, Wayne King and Tarzan


Can I stage you?


Don Ewald and Tom Cirillo


Darrell Conrad, Don Atkinson, Pam Schavrien, Joel Gruzen and Dan Kaplan.


Bob Richardson and Bill Dunlap


Roger Lee and Dennis Forsberg



Austin Coil and wife, Lisa enjoy the no stress, no Force, nostalgia racing.


Coil and Tim Beebe



John Bowser


The man with the stats... Dave Gerard


Gus Stevenson, Jim Brissette and Roger Lee




Famoso's new track prepper/cleaner did not arrive in one piece. Alan Miller spent nearly a month helping to get ready for the race including putting together the new tractor.







This baby really gets the job done.



Gary Scelzi took the short trip down 99 from Fresno to visit his old gang.


Cole Koonce, Mendy Fry and Kenny Youngblood


The Champion Speed Shop TF team had a rough weekend swapping three engines in two days.


What would be a drag race without Del Worsham's Top Fuel Margarita Maker. Not a joke, this is a real deal nitro hemi.





The go-to guy at Famoso is Bill McNatt who can literally do anything the track maintenance requires.


"Museum" Rose Pohorely getting the NHRA Museum trailer set up.


Gary Densham


Bob Brown, Steve Justice and Larry McFarland


Dave Wallace Jr. and John Bowser did an interview for Bang Shift which they used during their MM webcast.



Jack Harris and a fan


John Rodeck showing off his new fashion statement.


Brendan Murry and Henry Walther


Bill New and wife visiting from their Firebird Raceway in Boise.



Veteran photog Richard Shute


The lecherous Tom West


Bob McClennan


Rick McGee and crew getting ready for Saturday.


Look, Ma - I burned up another one!


Fun on a Friday night.


Mike Boyd ready to fly.


Tony Bartone and Steve Plueger




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