This is the saddest and hardest race coverage I've ever done. In fact, I almost didn't. But that is not what Tom would have wanted. His sudden and unexpected death has left a huge void in his family, business staff, the HSMS team and the drag racing world. Those of us who called him a true friend will suffer his loss for the rest of our lives. He was unforgettable. RIP T-Slick


Spokane WA, 08.20.19 – For the first time Spokane County Raceway included Heritage Series Top Fuel and Funny Cars in their Nitro Summer Nationals. The points leaders in both classes were on hand to advance their standings. The weather was ideal and by all accounts it was a successful event. Hopefully they will host it again next season.

What is now a bittersweet win, Mendy took home her third straight Wally getting the best of Bret Williamson in a late night/early morning Top Fuel final. Mendy's 5.79 ET at 241 MPH was much too much for the Forever Young cars 6.72 ET at 172 MPH. It was her second win in seven days. The previous weekend the High Speed team took home the gold at the 48TH Pepsi Nightfire Nationals. Tom Shelar would pass away 4 days later.





In funny car it was 2018 World Champ Bobby Cottrell who took home the title for Austin & O'Brien. In a close one Cottrell took the win over Jeff Arend with a 5.76 at 250.32 that edged out a 5.81 at 252.95.




Now for our coverage made possible by Arlene Eliason who did an incredible job of covering an event by herself in challenging light. Great job girl.




Out first was Pete Wittenberg in the Circuit Breaker fueler out of SoCal.









Solid base line pass.






Next out for another solo attempt was Tyler Hilton in his Great Expectations III.



Tyler's legendary grandmother, Alison Lee riveted to the car from the rear.









The first pair to test the track were Bret Williamson in Mike Fuller's "Forever Young" and Jim Murphy in his WW2 Racing entry.








Williamson had a solid leave while Murphy started dropping cylinders at the hit.







Williamson shut off early while Murphy coasted through - diagnosis, bad mag.







The final pair pitted #1 and #2 in the top fuel points race. Mendy in the High Speed Motorsports rocket ship and Adam Sorokin in the Champion Speed Shop entry which has been erratic lately.


















BAM Mendy #1 by miles.







First out was Nathan Sitko in the new "Artic Traveler" Mustang and out for his second ever event, Mike Peck debuting his family’s “Instigator” Camaro.











Both got in a baseline pass.





Next up was Tim Boychuk in his "Happy Hour" '69 Camaro and Bill Windham in his "Shakedown" '69 Camaro. Going from dusk to dark the light was terrible for photos.










Windham lifted the blower before the tree.






Next up was Kris Krabill driving Rick Akers’ Cascade Automotive Camaro and Billy “the Kid” Morris driving Top Fuel Hydro racer Eddie Knox’s “Problem Child” Camaro.












Neither car impressed anyone.





The next to last pair featured the “Pacemaker” Camaro driven by Ryan Hodgson and points leader Bobby Cottrell driving for Bucky Austin.









And the hitters make their presence known.





Closing out Q1 for the floppers was Jeff Arend in the "California Hustler" and Dan Horan Jr.
















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Nostalgia Race Coverage like this and more importantly the drag racing history on WDIFL will cease sooner than later if racers and fans don't start supporting WDFIL again. Thanks, Don




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