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All shots taken with a Nikon D90 with various settings.


With a ton of cacklefest shots to choose from, this shot of Art Chrisman's car Saturday night at the CHRR (on his 80th birthday I'm told) is my personal favorite. And I couldn't figure out how to tell you why!


Troy Green and High Speed Motor Sports and Bret Harris in the Nitro Thunder car. This is their semi final round at the CHRR. The story of drag racing is shown here. Well, one of them. A really close race until a parts failure occurs. Shot at about 190', just after the blower belt went away on the red car. Troy went on to the finals - won by Rick McGee.


Sunday at the Boise Night fire Nationals - the High Speed Motor Sports car is in the trailer with evidence that the burst panel did all that it could to save the day, but that it wasn't quite enough. (Notice the manifold separation)


The Boise Nightfire Nationals FC semi finals, a great example of close competition between team mates and rivals Garrett Bateman (near) and Bucky Austin (far lane). Shot at about 220'. Bucky was behind at the start, but would pull just a bit ahead by the finish.


Walt Stevens at the California Hot Rod Reunion, Saturday night Eliminations. He is getting ready to back up the High Speed Motor Sports top fueler for their first round run. Walt had been honored the night before by the Reunion organizers and fellow racers at the CHRR Reception, and had obviously figured out how to pose for his picture to be taken!


Bobby Langley's Scorpion I that was recreated by Don Ross on display at the NHRR.


Patrick Shelar paying the price for the heat and humidity at Bowling Green. Lesson #1. No matter HOW hot it is, never ever ever leave yourself vulnerable by falling sound asleep in the pits!!! The perpetrator is his dad, Tom Shelar.


NHRR Saturday night qualifying at Bowling Green, KY, and a preview of the final the next day. Troy Green - High Speed Motorsports and Denver Schutz - Raisin Express 2. Ya gotta love the flames!


Pinks All Out event at Famoso Raceway. The weather is hot, and the air very still. It's Friday night, September 11th. The flag is at half mast. We were all remembering AND racing.


Pinks All Out, at Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield. Brad Thompson getting ready for an exhibition run. The film crew had a ton of lighting set up - so why not take advantage of it!


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