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The first Nostalgia Drag Race of the year is the March Meet. This shot is a candid view of two is the best contenders for the Top Fuel crown, Troy Green and Jim Murphy.


Not wanting to be left out of the Nostalgia Drag Racing craze, the Snake has perfectly restored one of his many Funny Cars and transporters from the past.


Most of don't usually get an opportunity to see a historic legend up close and personal from a ground hogs view. Paul Rossi enjoys the magic of the moment in the "Yeakel Plymouth Special" at the 2009 March Meet.


Boy-O-Boy was Jim Adolph ever surprised to see the body of the Funny Car he was driving come apart during a new car shake-down pass at Sacramento.


Mike Savage drops the hammer hard at the 2009 Night of Fire event at Sacramento Raceway. The Candies and Hughes tribute car certainly caught the attention of every lens at the rail.


2009 Nostalgia Top Fuel Champion Brett Harris was captured across track at the Pepsi Nightfire Nationals in Boise, ID.


Stamped out of the pages of Drag Racing's history books, the "Plueger & Gyger" Mustang dazzles the on looking crowd at Boise.


Ahhhhhh what better way to close out a hot Sacramento summer evening than with a Jet Car!


The Pepsi Nightfire Nationals is one of the best Nostalgia Drag Races in the world. The New family has owned and successfully operated their pristine track for decades. One of the many classes in attendance is Pro-Mod. Reminiscing of an Alcohol Funny Car fused with a Pro Stock, this class of cars is an extremely popular entry.


Though the 2009 Dragfest event is still in its infancy the collection of cars such as the Sixcession entry has created vast amounts of attention in the Nostalgia Drag Racing community.


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