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In the world of racing there are so many things that take place faster than a twinkle of an eye, and it's only because of today's camera technology we are able to capture these magic moments forever. In this frame it appears as if this boat is dancing on the water with only the prop blades making contact with the fluid surface below.


Sometimes all the elements of a magical moment naturally come together as if it were predestined by a day dream of sorts. The "Strange Brew" NE1 dragster is an image of trouble in electric blue and if you don't watch out it will stick with you. Dave Gruzen in the Strange Brew, thrilling what's inside of your taking us back in time to the good days gone by and rejuvenating incredible some memories.


The battle scared "Black Max" warrior has catapulted owner and driver Gil Valencia into countless battles down the Famoso black top, however it appears this mission was more reminiscing of a NASA launch to the moon. You go Gil… never lift!


Nostalgia Top Fuel pilot Terry Cox puts his burn-out boot to the test and lays down a solid pair of black tracks at the 2009 Dragfest event. Up close and personal shots like this give an incredible perspective that you can not get from the pine. The earth shaking intensity that surrounds the moment is reverently captured here within!


With a full load of nitro in the tank and 3,000 ponies at the touch of his beckoned command, 2009 Nostalgia Funny Car Champion Garrett Bateman is up on the Goodyear's as he launches to yet another victory into the Boise Winner's Circle.


Oh Lord, deliver us from boredom; this nitro gulping, fire belching piece of mechanical eye candy dignifies the spirit of short wheel base fuel racing and defiles the theory of the shortest distance between two points is a boring ride!


Undoubtedly the toughest kid on the AA/FA block is the legendary "Winged Express". Voted the 2nd most popular car in all of Drag Racing history, Mike "the Nitro Warrior" has virtually no competition in the burnout category! In addition, the "Wing" is the longest running car in Drag Racing history as well; celebrating 50 years of spectacular thrills and chills this 2010 season!


In the mid to late 60's there were many Front Engine Dragsters that gave the big boys a run for their money; Jack McCloud's "Poachers" was one such car. Driven in the day by a young man named Walt Stevens; now, three decades later the two have compellingly re-united. Once again Stevens finds himself behind the butterflies of his old friend as he cruises down memory lane at the top end of Famoso Raceway.


The top end of any Dragstrip is perhaps one of the most deadly areas on the property. The ground around you is littered with the debris of countless tales of woe; however it is also one of the most magical strips of real estate in the racing world. To witness a 200 MPH car rocketing towards you at full throttle then hitting the chutes is nothing less than exciting. Ron Johnson's "Barn Stormer" hangs the laundry just as it did many times back in the early 60's and brings the past to life once again in 2009!


The transition from the past into the future seems to always collide with an experimental license that can also be interrupted into some sort of artistic translation. The "Champion Speed Shop" Nostalgia Top Fuel dragster has certainly pushed the envelope on that theory. Second generation nitro pilot Adam Sorokin lights up the late afternoon skies over central California with his hard charge down Jack Williams Boulevard!


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